Volunteer Information

How to become a Youth 2019 volunteer:

Volunteering for Youth 2019 is one of the best ways to serve the young people of the United Methodist Church. Applications will be open in July 2018.

Program Overview:

Who can volunteer?

Any one can volunteer as long as you are 19 years of age or older!

Do I Get to Choose Where I Want to Volunteer During Youth 2019?

While you cannot choose exactly what jobs you will be doing day to day, you can choose where you would like to volunteer.

There are three options when filling out the volunteer application. You may request to be a Service Volunteer, Backstage Volunteer, or a Gathering Volunteer.

– Service Volunteers:
Youth 2019 is going where no YOUTH event has gone before; we are incorporating service opportunities! But this means we need lots of volunteers to help us get YOUTH participants to and from their worksites, organize worksites and more. The Service Volunteers will go through a special training at the beginning of the week with the YOUTH 2019 Service Coordinators. During training volunteers will learn about the service program, be assigned jobs for the week, and learn to work together as a team.

– Backstage Volunteers:
Backstage Volunteers are one of the most important groups of volunteers at Youth 2019. Trained by the Stage Manager and Worship Coordinator these volunteers will be an integral part of making evening worship and morning Bible studies happen. Backstage Volunteer jobs will vary from day to day depending on what the Stage Manager and Worship Coordinator assign.

– Gathering Volunteers:
The Gathering Volunteers cover a variety of jobs and are the heartbeat of the event. Gathering Volunteers do everything from working the registration desk and information booths, to helping in workshops and DIG groups. The Gathering Volunteer is the most versatile of all the volunteer positions. A Gathering Volunteer may spend his or her morning helping at registration and their afternoon overseeing games in the exhibit hall. Everyday will be different for Gathering Volunteers.

What About Food? How am I supposed to eat during all of this?

Whenever you are working a volunteer shift you will be served either lunch or dinner, breakfast is always on your own. Volunteers will have their own space at the event where they can recharge, get their next tasks, and eat.

Where Will I stay?

YOUTH 2019 can reserve rooms for you and pair you up with a roommate to reduce your lodging cost. If you have a roommate in mind already you may request to stay with someone you know.

What if I am a local volunteer and do not need lodging?

If you are a local volunteer and plan to drive to and from the event each day YOUTH 2019 will provide you with parking.

Do I Get to attend Youth 2019 For Free?

Youth 2019 Volunteers will receive a reduced registration rate but will still be required to register for the event. When volunteers are not on duty they are invited to take part in all the event has to offer, including many of the adult education workshops, the exhibits, and evening worship.

When should I Plan to Arrive at Youth 2019?

All volunteers should plan to arrive in Kansas City on July Monday, July 8th. Volunteer training will start at 8:00am on Wednesday, July 10th and last through the day. Details on training location will be communicated to you as soon as they are known.

What if I Want to Volunteer But Can’t Stay for the Entirety of YOUTH 2019?

While we encourage everyone to apply please know that first choice will be given to those who can commit to the entire event.


Applications coming soon!